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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Why join a fishing club? and what are the particular advantages of being a member of Fremantle Amateur Angling Club??

Ans. Your fishing skill and knowledge levels will improve quicker when fishing with any club. Our club keeps membership numbers to around the 50 mark. This results in friendly, competitive club and we all know each other.

Q 2. How much does it cost to be a member?

Ans. Check the membership icon on the left of screen, approximately a dollar per week!

Q 3. Do membership fees rise every year?

Ans. No, they were increased by approx. 10 percent 2 years ago and the last increase before that was about 10 years ago. We keep membership fees so low by doing a weekend fundraiser for one weekend per year. The income from the fundraiser contributes 50% to our income. We spend a weekend at a sheep farm away in the country. We have a great social weekend and harvest the Merino Marbles on the side. We bag it all and bring it back and sell it.

Q 4. Who can join the club? .

Ans. Any person aged 18 years or older. Juniors or mini-Juniors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Q 5 Where do we go fishing?

Ans. Our Beach and Rock field-days are held at various locations between and including Albany to Kalbarri. Our Estuary field-days are generally held in the Swan River and Canning River estuaries.

Q 6. What happens on a typical Rock and Beach field-day?

Ans. Boundaries are set in advance. A “lines down” time is set in advance, (usually 3 PM on Saturday). Members set off and pick out their spots prior to the lines down time. Fishing commences on the Saturday afternoon. We all meet back at a “weigh-in “ location on the Sunday morning, (usually around 11 AM on Sunday) and all fish are weighed in by the field-day officer. Points are awarded for each persons catch plus bonus points for the biggest fish caught and biggest bag for each division ie Mens , Veterans, Ladies Juniors and mini-Juniors.

Q 7. What happens on a typical Estuary field-day?

Ans. Lines down is usually 2 PM on Saturday afternoon, weigh-in is held at Troy Park in Applecross at 10 AM on the Sunday.

Q8. Do I need a 4WD for the beach and rock field-days?

Ans. Although it is an advantage to have a 4WD for about eight of the twelve beach and rock field-days you can still participate without one. I didn’t have a 4WD for my first 6 years of membership.

Q9. Where and when are club meetings held?

Ans. Our monthly general meetings are held at the Croquet Club in Allen St in East Fremantle on the evening of the third Wednesday of each month. Meetings commence at 8 PM.

Q 10. Can I “Try before joining”?

Ans. Certainly, prospective new members are encouraged to attend three meetings and attend two field-days before deciding to join.

Q 11. You haven’t included some other questions I have??

Ans. Contact someone from the club via the Contact Us button at the top of our website !! Don’t hesitate in contacting us, we welcome the feedback.

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