Cape to Cape 2018

Finally we had some good weather on a field day with a relatively low swell and a mild breeze coming from the north. Beach fishing particularly on beaches with limited structure was difficult with low tide and no movement between 3-5pm.

Those that fished rocky areas caught good bags of Skippy. Barry and Hutch caught some nice size Skippy north of Margret River. It was great to see Tony back fishing and even though he was a little sore he managed to start where he left off with a win in the Vets.

Rob Hooker caught a nice mixed bag including some nice Skippy and gardies. Mark and I fished at cosy corner on Saturday and caught some nice Skippy and backed it up in the morning north of Margret River with more Skippy and a few snook. Mark only fished lures as he did last year on this field day and caught a dozen nice Skippy.

I have noticed the at times lures out fish bait even off the shore and that if you fished a combination of both you could really clean up. When the fish are on and there is enough light lures are much faster not having to re-bait. At one stage Mark caught 3 Skippy while I took off my fish and rebaited. It is a real skill using the right lures at the right times. You have to have a good combination of styles and weights for different location too.

Next field day is at Port Gregory on the LWE lets hope the weather is better than last year.

Tight Lines.



July 2018 Go Anywhere

It was a tuff start to the new season, with a howling gale and large seas. I fished down south in some of the worst conditions I have fished for some time. There were numerous times though out the day when I was sitting under a rock with the rain belting down wondering what I was thinking. I must say that I did nearly go home quite a few times. If it wasn’t for the low tide at dark and dropping wind I might have. Lucky for us the wind died off about 5pm and with the low tide the swell was manageable. Mark and I caught some good skippy, Mark catching his on soft plastics. At one stage he was getting quite frustrated dropping fish after fish and saying that next time he will bring smaller jig heads. Until he realised that his hook had been straightened on a previous encounter with the reef.
The fish of the comp definitely went to Barry, who braved the elements to fish North mole. Just as he was about to go home before midnight his rod went off with a nice 7.3kg snapper. Things could have ended in disaster when he tried to get it up the rocks in the pounding swell without a gaff. He managed to clamber down the rocks and secure his prize and he was pretty happy and rightly so. Twelve people fished, with most catching very little and heading for the protection of home at some stage during the weekend. The weather was better on Sunday although still not great. Chris managed to get his two fish a tailor and herring in the Vets. My biggest Skippy went 1.3kg which was a pretty reasonable fish.
Next month’s field day is in the Cape to Cape region. Hopefully we might see some descent weather. We should see some nice Snook, Skippy and Tailor in peoples’ bags.

Tight lines Jason.

October 2017 Go Anywhere

Well there wasn’t a huge number of fish caught on the Go Anywhere field day but that was made up for by the quality. The weather for the weekend was good with a 1.9m swell to the south and even better conditions north. Mark Beauchamp caught another great sambo from Jurien the third this season giving him a huge led in the Men this year. Mark Pember won the field day with a great bag including a club record 16.4kg Blue Groper, and 5 medium salmon. I caught a smaller Groper and could only manage one salmon. Nicola Bunce won her third field day in the ladies that’s three from three, she has fished. Kim Murry has moved into second in the ladies with a good bag from Jurien. Peter Lapthorne caught a nice 7.8kg mulloway the largest caught this year, great fish mate. Last but not least for great catches was young Darcy Handcock’s two small mulloway in the minis, the largest fish I have seen in the minis for quite a while. Most people fished Jurien with good bags of sand whiting being caught by most with a few tailor and the like thrown in. Mark and I fished down south with me thinking that I had really blown things after dropping a nice Groper at the gaff second cast on a squid bait meant for something else. Next Field day is at Jurien and if Mark hasn’t won already another sambo will see things done. I have considered going up on Thursday to take his spot just to make sure that doesn’t happen. On a serious note let hope we see some good conditions and some great fish. Good luck and tight line! Jason

August 2017 Cape to Cape

This month’s field day was in the Cape to Cape region. We were lucky enough to have the best weather we have had of late, with sun shine and an average swell around 2.3m. There was a strong easterly over the weekend, leading to a large shore break. Meaning fishing exposed shore rock platforms like the Ledges and Moses rock were out. Most of the participants caught fish. With the majority of catches made up of skippy and herring. Barry, Carl and Scott all caught a salmon at Hamelin Bay. There were no tailor or snook caught for the weekend. Russell managed to catch 12 skippy at Canal rocks although he made comment about the lack of herring there. Mark and I fished at Cape Naturalist on Saturday catching our skippy. Sunday we fished at Moses Rock again catching skippy as well as our 12 herring. Mark caught 12 skippy in total for the weekend all on lures, actually he only fished lure for the weekend and nearly got a blackfish before it found its freedom. Mark and Frank had a good weekend catching their bags of skippy on Saturday at Kilcarnup before opting for a big night and a sleep in on Sunday. Chris and Nicola fished hard for a few herring and skippy. I think now Chris has entered the Vets he should take note and stay off the rocks, apparently he spent some time on his B-hind. Next month is at Port Gregory. Hopefully we will have a good turnout and fish caught. See you there!

Tight Lines! Jason

 July 2017 Go Anywhere

July saw the start of a new fishing season. I was happy to see that at least the weather up north was good with low winds and swell. As everyone knows I’m a boy from down south and must say that I was disappointed to say the least when there was a 2.7m swell down that way. The number of participants was down, probably due to the thought of freezing their butt off. Usually at the start of the year with good weather more people would have attended going to Hill River. All the participants fished the Jurien area except John Benniman who fished all the way to Jurien. The fishing results varied although fish numbers in general were low. The low numbers were made up for by some excellent catches though. There were 3 nice sambos caught one by Bronte that by all accounts gave him a real work out. I will say Bronte that you should probably thank your lucky stars it wasn’t 25kg. I have only caught half a dozen off the beach but off the rocks Mark and I have found the ones between 20-30kg twice as tough. Mark Beauchamp did excellent catching the other 2 sambo’s 10 and 13kg. This has given the other men something to think about with a huge led. How much of a led, Mark scored more points in the first comp than I did in half the year last season. Chris also caught a nice Gummy. Everyone struggled to catch tailor except Frank Boulton. A smart move up the beach just before dark put him onto his bag limit. He also caught most of them on lures. Nice bag mate. Mark and I were hoping for a snapper after a few being caught the weeks before to no avail. Next month’s comp is between the capes. Let’s hope the weather is great and not zero degrees.

Tight lines Jason

State Rock and Beach Field Day 2016

What a weekend for the club, almost scooping the pool in the AAA premier event. On a weekend when the weather was less than kind the club members performed very well with a few standout performances.

AAA results put the club in a strong position with regard to AAA Club of the Year.

Results for the club:

Men’s Team Champions – Jason Pember, Mark Pember, Paul Willis, Mark Beauchamp, Chris Bunce and Lloyd Richardson.

Men’s Individual Champion - Jason Pember, Runner up Paul Willis. Only 20 grams in weight separated Jason and Paul. Jason 34.19 Kg, Paul 34.17Kg. Special mention to Mark Pember with 24 Kg of fish.

Veteran’s Team Champions – Tony D’Alonzo, Norm Kelly, Ivan Bullock and Bob Hancock.

Veteran’s Individual Champion – Tony D’Alonzo

Ladies Team Champions – Filomena D’Alonzo, Helen Smith, Elle Trew and Natalie Baily.

Ladies Individual Champion – Filomena D’Alonzo

Junior Team Champions Runner Up – Cody Lapthorne

Junior Individual Champion Runner Up – Cody Lapthorne

Mini Junior Team Champions – Katie White

Mini Junior Individual Champion – Katie White

Jason and Paul had exceptional bags of fish with some 12 or 13 species each. Notable fish – Blue groper, Pink snapper, Leather Jackets, Salmon, Large wrasse, Tailor, Herring, Skippy etc. The stand out fish was caught by Bob Hancock, a Flathead that would have gone just over 2 KG.

John Ward to look at as a possible club record.

The weather was less than kind with south to south westerly’s blowing at 20 to 25 knots and rain squalls as a result the beaches did not produce the salmon, skippy and herring one would have expected. Everyone said that they had and enjoyable experience though with some fellowship extending into Sunday night. In total the club had 27 members register for the weekend, given that the next biggest club in attendance would have been approx 10 this is an excellent showing. Let’s try to continue larger than normal field attendance in the future.

Who fished where – Jason, Paul and Mark fished primarily the rocks around Bremer Bay, Chris and Lloyd fished Reef Beach and most fished Bluff Creek beach.

The club will advise the individual points for members once they are received from the AAA.

Once again a great big thank you to all those who attended it was great to see.

Chris Bunce

Port Gregory 2015

Before writing this month’s report I will tell you a little story. 25 years ago on my first field day when I was 13, I was fishing on a beach with 7 other club members. The bloke fishing next to me, line went off and he pulled in a 14kg mulloway. I thought at the time that I want to catch one of those. 25 years on as a club competition fisher person winning numerous club championships, 8 state titles and caught just about everything I have never again witnessed a large mulloway being caught. Well I’m happy to say that after 25years it has finally happened. On the way to the last comp I stopped at Geraldton and caught a 15kg mulloway. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Now all I have to do is catch one on a field day let’s hope that doesn’t take another 25 years. Those that fished Port Gregory found tuff conditions on Saturday with a big swell and 25knot south wester. Mark and I fished hard through those trying conditions paying the tole, wearing us out for the rest of the comp. The only fish we managed were our tailor. John Benniman was a lot smarter taking it easy on Saturday and then catching a couple of medium mulloway at Bow’s Sunday when the weather improved. Tony, Filomena and Bronte all caught 4 soapy mulloway. Barry also caught mulloway. It was interesting to see 15 mulloway caught this time at Port Gregory when a couple of years ago on this field day we caught 20 snapper. Jeff and Joan Trew caught the only respectable tailor a couple of nice 2kg fish. It was great to see so many people making the effort to attend the weekend, particularly the huge Lapthorne Tribe. Troy Smith was fishing at Red Bluff when he saw bait fish busting up. Casting out a plug he hooked up, not to the tailor he was expecting but a 10kg Spanish Mackerel. I’m just glad that he didn’t learn a difficult lesson losing the fish after he attached the lure straight to his braid. Hope he thanked his mates, Alex & Robert after they jumped in when it broke off on the rocks. Great fish fella.

Cape to Cape August 2015

It has been many years since I have fished in such pleasant conditions on a winter Cape to Cape field day. The 1.5m swell and light off shore winds was a far cry from the usual 3m and 20 knot gale that we usually experience at this time of year. There was also a reasonable turn out which could have something to do with the pleasant conditions. The other surprise was that it wasn’t too cold which was great considering this fisho had just hopped off the plane from a weeks fly fishing in 26 degree minimums at Kiribati. Yes I know my wife must be one understanding woman!

Some good fish were caught, although fishing was tuff with high tide at lunch and then falling all afternoon with little movement overnight. Fishing was particularly slow on shallow beaches and the usual tailor at this time of year didn’t make an appearance with the calm conditions and slow low water movement. Most of the good fish were caught in the middle of the day after the high tide as you would expect.

Tony caught a great bag which included 16 Skippy and 5 Snook. Even Tony’s Snook were caught in the middle of the day. I managed to back up last month’s 10kg sambo with a 15kg one this month. Russell and Nicky Bunce caught the only 2 salmon. Nicky’s was her first and a great time to catch one after the run well done. Russell also caught the only Tailor. Barry’s mate …….. caught a nice little mulloway around 5kgs. There were also some nice skippy and herring caught. I remember this month last year struggling to find a herring, this year they were prolific and a good size.

Next month’s field day is Port Gregory on the LWE, let’s hope that this good weather run continues and isn’t like the weather that we faced last year at this event. I hope to see a few nice snapper and Mulloway at the weigh in or on the end of my line would be even better. Hope to see you all there.

Tight line Jason.

Rottnest Island May 2015

Well the weather was a far cry from last year’s sunny flat conditions at Rottnest, with a gale warning all weekend and 3+m swells. When I turned up at the field day with my 7 year old daughter Keira I could see the expression on people’s faces indicating that I must be on drugs. In my defence I did ask her on several occasions did she really want to go fishing in the rain and the answer was away YES dad.

I will say that when Russel rung me late on Friday telling me the ferry at 9.30am was cancelled due to extreme weather and I had to get Keira up at 5.30 to catch the 7.10 ferry I did think twice about going. The ferry ride over was pretty rough with the girls in front and behind having trouble keeping breakfast down. After seeing the weather between 9 and 12 I have to thank the people at Rottnest express for cancelling the ferry and I take back all the unkind things that I may have said at the time.

After sitting around, due to us getting there 2 hours early we were on the bus, or 9 of us anyway after some decided that fishing in the wind and rain wasn’t for them. With a 30 knot gale from the NNE you could only fish the south and western sides of the island. 7 of us were dropped off at Strickland bay (narrow neck) and Barry and Bronte fished Marry Cove.

Barry and Bronte got some nice fish including Tailor, Tarwhine and Herring. They only got a few Skippy including a nice 800g fish, the largest by Bronte. Sheryl and Russel caught some Tailor, Skippy and Herring off the back of the reef at narrow neck. Wardy decided that his time was better spent hiding in a cave out of the wind and rain listening to the footy, looking after his cold.

Tony and Mark fished on the western end of Strickland beach 50m apart. They caught some smallish Skippy, Tarwhine and Herring. Tony also managed a nice Flathead. I dragged enough gear for a week and Keira further up the beach. After setting up Keira’s rod she made dad proud by catching 12 fish including some Skippy and Herring. I was astonished to see her also catch a 500g flounder since I have only caught one large one myself. The only drama she had was when dad told her she had to throw back a large king wrasse that she proclaimed was her best fish. Not happy Jane! By the time I started fishing at 5pm all that remained were thousands of undersize tarwhine. Mark and I both managed to hook salmon and both dropped them on the way in.

By Sunday conditions where worse with pouring rain, and the wind and swell now coming from the West. The relatively calm Strickland bay was now all stirred up making fishing difficult. Tony and Barry managed a couple of Tailor and Tarwhine. Tony, Russel and Sheryl also caught their Herring. The rest of us decided staying in bed was a better idea. I though getting Keira up at 4.30am after a 17 hour day (her longest ever) might be taking bad parenting to a whole new level.

Let’s just say the Captain of the ferry on the way home earned his pay and that we were happy to be going home after we heard that the ferry over took an extra half an hour than usual.

Let’s hope that the June long weekend is flat and sunny down south or we might only see a few people attending. The south coast has little protection from crap weather. If the weather is okay we should see some good fish including, Skippy, salmon, snook and maybe some snapper and sambo’s.

Tight lines Jason.


Myalup-Cut February 2015

Well this month’s field day was between the Cut and Myalup with the members fishing White hills and Preston. I will say, when a father with 7 year old in tow drives onto the beach the last thing that he wants to see is white caps and feel a 25 knot SW blowing in his face. Especially when say 7 year olds memory of field days consists of catching her bag limit of tailor only a couple of months ago and expects dad to provide the same result. Note to other fishing fathers a few failures first to outline that it is fishing not catching that we are undertaking.

It was great to see so many people participating in this field day. I was also impressed to hear that most members fished long hours in what can only be described as ordinary conditions. The results were also good considering the conditions with most people getting some great tailor. Some fishermen are the first to complain about bag limits but I have noticed a real improvement in tailor stocks over the years since the tighter restrictions. Some of the more notable tailor catches were Tony’s total bag of 16 and Jakes and Sheryl’s fish over 2.5kg. There were however numerous fish over 1.5kg and the average was around 1kg.

The high light at the weigh-in however was again provided by Mr John Benniman. John is having a great year and catching some good fish. John managed not only to catch the first Pink Snapper that I have seen at White Hills but backed it up with the second less than an hour later. Of course this is very lucky, but shows with the right technique and persistence you just never know. Well done mate!

For me this weekend showed again when you think you have the fish worked out think again. I caught all my fish at 2pm and then didn’t get a bite again until the morning. I understand that tailor come on the bite when the sea breeze starts to blow but why I didn’t get a bite on dark I don’t understand. Also the whiting had finished their summer run by the weekend. One group managed to catch a heap of large herring when herring were hard to find.

Next month is a Go Anywhere and hopefully we will see some great fish weighed and maybe even caught by other members besides the Benniman’s.

Good luck and tight lines.


November 2014 Jurien Bay

Well we have just completed the 5th field day for the 2014-15 season, which was in the Jurien Bay area. The weather report wasn’t quite accurate, which was a pleasant surprise. The 20knot SW in the afternoon dropped off after dark for a pleasant nights fishing. The flat conditions with no tidal movement in the morning made catching fish impossible other than a few tailor before the sun came up and a couple of Gardies.

The high tide period on dark with the strong south-wester, was all the tailor needed at hill river beach with everyone fishing that area catching their bag of eight. Some members got up before the sun and caught more tailor. The poor tide weekend proved difficult at sandy cape with people restricted to a few tailor and herring. A good example of how following the tide and almanac can provide results was Tony catching 16 tailor and 4 mulloway the weekend before on a black (excellent fishing weekend) in poor conditions and only getting 4 tailor and some smaller fish on our field day at the same location on a white weekend.

That being said, with the high tide on dark and abundance of tailor, four groups that put in the time with the right techniques at night all caught quality fish, including a couple of sharks and a small mulloway. John Benniman showed again that he is the man to beat this year catching the largest shark that I have seen at Hill River a 23kg Sandbar Whaler. I had the pleasure of fishing next to John and Carolyn. There is nothing better than realising the ray you have been fighting for 10 minutes turns out to be a 23kg shark. Especially when it’s your biggest, a new species and a club record, congratulations John.

John Ward was also a little unlucky getting a big run on a whole tailor only to eventually be bitten off. The highlight of my weekend however was taking my 6 year old daughter Keira fishing on her first field day. Actually it was the first time that she has fished off the beach. I was very proud watching her catch her whole bag of eight Tailor, especially using a 12foot rod. She even caught her last 5 fish in 4 casts finishing with a double. The people around us were also very entertained by all the sound effects and commotion.

Next field day is a go anywhere and our last chance to catch a fish before Christmas.

Good luck and tight lines. Jason


July 2014 Go Anywhere

Well the start of a new season has arrived and what a start it was. I thought it might be some time before I saw a northern bag as impressive as Jakes 2 huge mulloway at S Bend last year. That was until John Benniman turned up at this field days weighin with his big esky filled, with 2 big Pink Snapper and a 17kg Mulloway. John has been fishing for some time now and it was great to see his effort and skills rewarded with such an excellent bag. One that he won’t forget for some time I suspect. I should also mention Carolyn Benniman’s Pink Snapper as well, which was a first for Carolyn and the first I have seen caught by a lady well done.

Recently I have heard comments of how Tony D Alonzo might be slowing down a little. If people making those comments had seen what I had seen on the weekend they would be eating their words. Tony was standing on a rock a kilometre from his car fishing in the pouring rain with lightning all around catching the best bag of Snook that I have seen, as well as his full bag of Skippy.
As you may have already guessed the weather was less than ideal, with pouring rain and thunderstorms down south and similar weather around Perth. The saving grace was that the pleasant weather the days leading up to the weekend meant that the swell was down. So if you were like Tony and braved the rain there were fish to be caught.

There were also two gummy sharks caught on the weekend one by Bronte just north of Perth. I have been hearing quite a bit about gummy sharks over the last couple of years. They may be making a strong come back since removal of commercial fisherman. The next couple of months are the time to target them.Well John’s big bag and strong lead will make this year’s championships interesting for the other competitors especially if you consider his bag equates to around 500 herring.

Next month’s field day is in the cape to cape region. Hopefully we might see some descent weather. We should see some nice Snook, Skippy and Tailor in members bags. Good luck!

Tight lines Jason.


August 2014 Cape to Cape

Last months’ August field day was in the Capes region. The weather on the weekend was very different to the conditions faced last year on this field day. The only criticism I had was the in-accuracy from the weather bureau particularly the NE wind that was supposed to be NW. Not that anyone would prefer a NW wind. The easterly wind did make the small offshore swell stand up which made exposed rocky spots unfishable, however the lighter than expected wind and lack of rain made fishing enjoyable. I did hear that Steven Trew in particular had great weekend fishing on a beach in the sun, with a carton of beer and caught some nice tailor, one going over 2kgs with his wife. Most members did get at least one tailor which were all fish over a kilogram. When I say most my brother’s fish got tangled with my tailor when bringing them in, somehow mine made it to the rocks and Marks didn’t. Most of the club fished in the same area on Hamelin Beach. Even young Amos who I believe is 5 caught his first fish a lovely tailor over a kilogram. There are not too many 5 year olds that would have caught such a great fish. He was also very helpfully at the weigh in, putting the fish on the scales although I’m not too sure about the 2 Barracuda (Snook) that I caught. Young Amos’s dad managed to get a school mulloway around 3.5kg, with Sheryl stating that they swim in pairs 2 minutes later Johns rod buckles and he also gets one. I think there is a moral in this story Sheryl, quietly sneak over throw your line in and catch it yourself next time. I do believe that John would even count your tailor wrong to get the family win. There was a lack of herring with only one or two anglers getting any, which was quite a change from May when they were everywhere. Next month is Port Gregory combined with the state championships. I hope everyone will make the extra effort to fish this competition to support the club. Hopefully we will see some of the great fish this area is famous for and some great weather. The AAWA also has the Dry-casting on the last weekend of October and the estuary at Walpole put these dates in your diary.

Tight lines Jason


January Long Weekend 2014

No matter how you work at it, traveling time to S Bend is about 4.5 hours. The new Indian Ocean Road makes a difference. We got going at 6.00AM. The traffic was light and free flowing. We refuelled at Jurien Bay. The diesel fuel cost was $1.319 a litre . The cost in Perth when I filled up was $1.337. How does that work? Arriving at S Bend Caravan Park we were surprised how few people were in the park. It was only one third full. Maybe those that we absent read the weather forecast for high winds and stayed away. The temperature was already in the high 30's. But the big issue was the wind. It was blowing a gale . At least 30 knots. We checked several beaches at the back of the S Bend and they were all, in my opinion, unfishable. White caps everywhere and large areas of foam. The visibility in this area was only about 3 KMS. We decided to call it a day and settled in for a quite night. A nice dinner and a sleep. We met up with Joan and Jeff Trew and arranged to fish at 9 Mile Beach. We got going at 4.00 AM. The morning was warn and very pleasant in the pre‐dawn semi light. The day was beautiful. Light easterly breezes. The ocean looked good with no weed. We fished for 6 hours and landed mostly good size and good quality sand whiting, herring and tailor. Joan Trew landed the only tailor while Tonja Bullock landed a very large sand whiting along with several others. We departed at about mid day. The wind was starting to come in. The temperature was moving to the high 30's. The beach was becoming very hot and the fishing action had started to slow. We did not fish Sunday night because of the strong winds and settled for a very enjoyable barbeque instead. Weigh in on Sunday reviled the efforts of all who attended this weekend. Hutch landed a nice mulloway, Chris Bunce also landed a nice mulloway and several good tailor. Photos are attached. Chris reported the tailer came onto the bite at 11.00PM.... I wonder how many Bundies and Coke it took to stay awake till the tailor came onto the bite? Jeff true :‐ two very large darts. Largest 1.06 kgs. Tony D'Alozso:‐ a nice mulloway and a thumper tailor going 4.6 Kgs. When I first sighted this tailer I thought it was a mulloway. Weigh in was completed and we were away by 9.30AM. The trip home was uneventful, long but easy, with the traffic flowing well and not too many slow vehicles. The weekend was enjoyable but spoilt by the high winds. Still a great pleasure to get out of the city, into the fresh air and to enjoy the fellowship of other fishing persons.

Ivan Bullock